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3 Ways To Use Video In Your Content Marketing

You probably already know the importance of video in content marketing. If not, you can check out this article on the 5 Reasons Why You Need Video For Your Brand.

According to HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands more than any other type of content.

Video can be a very powerful and versatile tool in guiding your customers through their entire buying journey. Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by over 80%.

Convinced that you need videos for your brand? Check out this list to help you better understand how to get started with video content marketing.

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos introduces your brand to your viewers, showcasing your vision, mission, or products and services. The goal is to to help build awareness and attract your target audience.

You can also create brand videos to introduce a new product or service, or announce promotions.

Brand videos are usually part of a bigger advertising campaign that reinforce your branding.

Get your brand story on video and introduce yourself to your target audience.

2. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos do exactly that, they explain something. This type of video helps your audience better understand why they need your product or service. This is a great way of showing your audience how a problem is solved with your product or service.

Demonstrate your products and services on video and get higher conversions.

3. Customer Testimonial and Case Study Videos

It's one thing for you to rave about your brand, it's a completely different thing when it comes from a customer. Loyal, satisfied customers are your best advocates. Get them on camera talking about how your product or service helped them overcome a personal challenge.

Word of mouth is king, use video to amplify the message.


It is recommended to use video on a regular basis as part of your marketing strategy. Consistently creating different types of videos help build awareness and brand authority. Making one video will have its benefits, but creating multiple videos with consistent themes that reinforce your brand story is the best practice.

Are you ready to include videos to your content marketing strategy? Send us a message and let's discuss which types of videos work best for your brand.

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